Q.     How do I become a member?

    If qualified, there are two ways to sign up for the Nigerian-American Community Association membership. You can either sign up here
     or you can request an application by
emailing your Name & Mailing Address to us. The application will be mail to you.

Q.     Can I sign up online?

    Only returning members who are renewing their application are allowed to sign up online because their original application is already
      on file. If you are renewing your membership,
click here to complete your application online.

Q.     Are there any membership fees?

    Yes, At NACA (USA) INC., understand that in order for us to be able to provide services, achieve our goals and objectives, financial
      stability is a must. Hence, a nominal administrative fee of $25 for Regular member, $40 for Family Associate, $60 for Associate
      member, and $100 for Business Associate was imposed by the Board of Directors.

Q      How do I determine my membership category?

Click here for membership class and qualifications.

Q.     Can I pay my membership fee online?

    Yes. Membership fee can be paid only via                             - You did not need to have a PayPal Account to use the service.

Q.     How long will it take to process my membership?

    You instantly become a member when we receive your application and the membership fee. A membership number will be assigned to
      you immediately after receiving your information and a welcome letter will be sent within a month.

Q.      Will my information be shared with a third party?

     No. NACA (USA), INC., understands the privacy of our members. Therefore, as a member you will not receive junk mail, emails, and
      phone calls from businesses other than our partners. It's important for our members to be informed of our benefits therefore only our
      benefit providers will have access to your email address.

Q.      Do Nigerian-American Association Community (USA), Inc., hold events for the public or for only its members?

     The Nigerian-American Association Community Association (USA), Inc., holds various events throughout the year. Our major event
       is the annual Award ceremony where we celebrate "The Good Among Us" This event usually highlights ordinary Nigerian-American
       who are making a difference in their respective field / community. The ceremony usually take place during the month of October to
       coincide with the Nigeria Independence celebration.
       Meanwhile, since we are a non-profit "Community Association" majority of our event is open to the public and free of charge too.

Q.       How can I cancel my membership?

      If you have been dissatisfied with your membership for any reason, we are truly sorry to hear this and would like to help resolve any
        issues. Please
contact us for assistance or to cancel.

Q.       How can my business become a partner with the Nigerian-American Community Association?

      If you are interested in forming a partnership with our company, please contact us.

Q.       What kind of benefits will I receive for my membership?

      We are currently working very hard to establish a benefit package that our members can be proud of. Your suggestion on the type
        of benefit(s) you will like to see from the
Nigerian-American Community Association (USA), INC.,  in future will be appreciated.
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