The Nigerian-American Community Association (USA), Inc.,also known as NACA (USA), INC, is a community-based, not-
for-profit, non-religious, non-ethnic and non-partisan association originally founded to address the needs of the New York
City’s expanding Nigerian and African immigrant community.

Since its inception,
NACA (USA), Inc., has grown rapidly as a all-volunteer group providing culturally sensitive advocacy
services to children, adolescents and adults and their families within New York State and other parts of the United States.

The Association is also determined to highlight the positive and law abiding Nigerian-Americans here in the United States
and eventually throughout the world.

Nigerian-American Community Association (USA), Inc. was born out of desire to bring assistance without discrimination to
the community. Also, to prevent, alleviate, social, economic, emotional, and other types of suffering in the community.

The association will strive to protect life, health, and to ensure some degree of respect for all the people.

The organization will also continue to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE, ACKNOWLEDGE, GLORIFY, and APPRECIATE all
individuals who are making positive difference in the community.


1.   Promoting mutual understanding & respect among the members and society

2.   Projecting positive image of ourselves and the association

3.   Be a good patriots to both our "home" and "adopted" countries

4.   Serves as mentor & role model to our children and others in the community

5.   Serves as a channel of communication between our community and the government

6.   Gather and disseminate information which is pertinent to and or beneficial to our members

        Nigerian-American Community Association (USA), Inc.
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